headshot165Eloise Hanner was raised in the small town of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and graduated cum laude from the University of Idaho. Prior to a career as a stock-broker in San Diego, she worked both in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Eloise and her husband Chuck, left their stock-brokerage careers in their late forties and rode their bicycles across the United States. That became Eloise’s first book The First Big Ride–A Woman’s Journey.  Eloise later adapted this book into a one-woman play called Reflections from the Incognito Lounge.  Her second book, Letters from Afghanistan, was a look backwards in time, to their life as Peace Corps volunteers in Afghanistan in 1971, before the Taliban and the Russians. Her most recent book, Posted in Paraguay, is the humorous account of their middle-aged return to the Peace Corps.

Eloise and her husband, Chuck, now live in Sarasota  Florida where Eloise also does extensive speaking on her books.  When not writing or presenting, she enjoys cycling, tennis, reading and travel.